AR3S was formerly known as ARES.
Use the Add feature to select individual components.

How-To Steps

  • Once you’ve loaded a file in AR3S 
  • Access the Main Menu and navigate to Interaction
  • Look for tab Selection and click on option Add
  • Select your needed components in your preferred mode (choose between Point and CommitSphere and Box)
    • Point and Commit: Target component via Far Interaction
    • Sphere: Drag spherical form onto components and click on button Apply Selection
    • Box: Drag cuboid form onto components and click on button Apply Selection
      • Pro TipSphere and Box enable a larger selection area
  • The selected component/s should now be highlighted in the Hierarchy menu
  • Click on Select All to select the entirety and click on Reset Selection to reverse the performed selection
  • Flubbed up? – Tap the Undo button in the Interaction menu to reverse the most recent manipulation

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