AR 3S PRO AMI Machine Images and Management Console

AR 3S PRO AMI Machine Images and Management Console

AWS Management Console – Setup

How-To Steps

  • Follow this link: and enter your personal login credentials to access the AWS Management Console
  • Navigate to Menu Point Services/EC2 and click on Instances on the side bar
  • Click in the upper right corner where it says Launch instances
  • Search for the AR 3S Pro (formerly known as ARES Pro) Cloud Server
  • First click Select and then Continue
  • After that you will be prompted to choose your Instance Size
    • We recommend the option g4dn.2xlarge 
    • Please refrain from using g3 Instances
  • Afterwards press Next to configure Instance Details
  • Press Next again to add Storage
  • Adjust the size of the Hard Drive on the Data you will upload
    • Keep in mind that 20GB is needed for the image alone
  • Click Next to add Tags and then Next once again to configure Security Groups
    • The default settings of the latter should be fine
  • From there press Review and Launch respectively
  • Choose Create a new Key Pair, name the resulting file and download it
    • Please remember to save it as you will need it later to access the instance
  • Press Launch Instance and navigate back to Services/EC2
  • Click on instances(running)
  • Ideally, your instance should now be running
    • In the beginning it will read Initializing – wait until the status check turns green and says 2/2 successfull
    • This procedure may take a few minutes, so please be patient
  • You are also able to see the IUP in the following Menu:
  • Now download AR 3S Pro to your HoloLens 2 from the Microsoft Store or our Download Center
  • Enter the IP Adress of the instance(★) and press connect


AWS Management Console – Shutdown

You might want to shut down the instance when you do not need it at the moment, in order to save costs. Be assured that your files will not be deleted.

How-To Steps

  • Right-click on the instance and choose Stop instance from the menumceclip14.png
  • You can simpy re-activate the instance by simply right-slicking once again and clicking Start instance


AWS Management Console – Uploading Files

How-To Steps

  • Download and install Filezilla
  • Go to Services/EC2 in your AWS Management Console and right-click on the instance of AR 3S Pro Cloud Server
  • Click on Security to get your Windows Passwordmceclip15.png
  • Click on Browse and upload the file you downloaded when creating the instance
  • Press Decrypt Password next and you will get a password(▲) that grants you access to the windows
  • Open Filezilla and on the Top Bar enter the following phrases:
    • Host: "The Public IP Adress of the instance you also enter in AR 3S Pro(★)"
    • Username: "Administrator"
    • Password: "The Password we just retreived(▲)"
    • Port: 22
  • Afterwards press Quickconnect and confirm the following Pop-up Windowmceclip16.png
  • On the left side you can see your local data. Files are uploaded to the instance by dragging and dropping them to the right side. As soon as the files are uploaded, you can upload them to the HoloLens in AR 3S Pro. 
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