AR 3S was formerly known as ARES.
The Grab feature places the model in a container, allowing for the object to be freely moved and rotated while using only one hand.

How-To Steps

  • Once you’ve loaded a file in AR 3S
  • Access the Hierarchy menu and select the entire model or the desired components
  • Navigate to Interaction and go to menu item Manipulation
  • Tap on the option Grab and your model will now be placed into a cuboid container and can be freely moved and rotated by either grabbing the container with your hand or via Far Interaction
  • Flubbed up? – Tap the Undo button in the Interaction menu to reverse the most recent manipulation

When to use Grab or Bounding Box feature

  • Use Grab if you want to move and rotate the object freely
  • Use Bounding Box if you want to move and scale the object freely or rotate it around specific given axes