AR3S was formerly known as ARES.

The "Interaction" menu of AR3S allows you to manipulate your 3D CAD models just as you like. 

Accessing the "Interaction" Menu

Once you have started AR3S access the "Main" menu and go to "Interaction". An array of interaction modes will be displayed, from which you can choose from. 

You can select the individual interaction modes by clicking on the respective icon.

Features Available

Select All and Deselect All

"Select All" selects all components of the object so that it is not necessary to switch to the "Hierarchy" menu to make modifications via one of the interaction modes mentioned below.

"Deselect All" in turn deselects all components of the object. Once all components have been deselected, no further changes can subsequently be made until at least one component is selected again.

Undo and Redo

The Undo and Redo functions undo or restore the last action performed on the file.

Selection Mode

  1. "Intersect"
  2. "Invert"
  3. "Replace"
  4. "Remove"
  5. "Add"
  6. "Select Root"

Manipulation Mode

  1. "Tap-To-Place"
  2. "Grab"
  3. "Bounding Box"
  4. "Scale"
  5. "Rotation"
  6. "Move"

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