Introduction - 1. Unity Basics

Introduction - 1. Unity Basics

1.1 Opening Unity and Setting up the windows/panels

     Open the Unity Hub > Unity 2020.3.X LTS

     Click on the project to open it

NOTE: If the project is not on the list: 1. Click on “Open” and browse to the location of the project; 2. Click “Open” to add it to the list

     Once Unity opens the project, it should look like this:

Figure 1 Empty Unity3D Project

NOTE: If the different windows are not exactly positioned as in the picture, you can change them by dragging them around as used to browser tabs.


     Open the Preparation Window. Within the ribbon, click on HoloLight and Preparation Window to open the custom window

Figure 2 Preparation Window
     Click and drag the Preparation Window and attach it on the right side next to the Inspector Panel

1.2 Basic Interaction in Unity 

     Rotate Camera

Right-click and move mouse

     Move Camerar

Middle-click and move mouse

     Move Parts

Click on them in the hierarchy or in the scene, and move them with the arrows.

     Rotate Parts

Activate the Rotate Tool and select the parts you want to rotate.

Figure 3 Rotate Objects

NOTE: As shown in Figure 4 Parts can also be moved and rotated via the Inspector panel.

Figure 4 Rotation via Inspector panel