Loading Cube

Loading Cube

AR 3S was formerly known as ARES.
The Loading Cube appears when you import a new object into the current AR 3S. Once the loading process is completed the object will be displayed inside the cube in a miniature version.

The position of the Loading Cube including the model in the room can be modified by aiming at it via Far Interaction or by grabbing it directly with the hand via Near Interaction. 

The following features are available:

  • Preview
    • The model will float out of the Loading Cube for a moment, demonstrating how it will be imported to AR 3S with the current settings
  • Scale
    • The model will be visualized in the chosen scale
    • The following scales are provided:
      • 1000:1
      • 100:1
      • 10:1
      • 1:1
      • 1:10
      • 1:100
      • 1:1000
  • Axis
    • The model will be mirrored on the chosen axis (XYZ, -X-Y-Z)
  • Remove
    • The model inside the Loading Cube will be deleted

Once you are satisfied with the adjustments, it is time to fix the object in place. By clicking on the white tick in the middle of the Loading Cube via Air Tap or Near Interaction, the model is fully imported to AR 3S and the Loading Cube will disappear.

Of course, you can still manipulate the object even after the loading process has been finished. The necessary features for this can be found in the Interaction menu.

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