Troubleshoot QR Code Scanning

Troubleshoot QR Code Scanning


In AR 3S Pro Cloud 2022.0.0.0 we introduced the new feature to connect the Client to the Server by scanning a QR code provided by
the AR 3S Pro Cloud Portal.

In this article we will tell you how to set up you HoloLens' camera in case the scanning does not work.

Spoiler Alert: Not only do you need to allow access to the camera but also allow access to the microphone.

Let's get started

First let’s navigate to the Settings Menu

From there we want to go to the Privacy Settings

Changing the Privacy Settings

In the Privacy Settings, select the Camera tab from the left side menu.
Make sure both options “Allow access to the camera on this device” and “Allow apps to access your camera” are enabled.

In the same tab scroll down the List “Choose which apps can access your camera” until you find AR 3S Pro Cloud Client.
Make sure AR 3S Pro Cloud Client.

Finally open the Microphone tab.
Enable “Allow access to the microphone on this device” and “Allow apps to access your microphone”.

Although these two options are labeled as microphone settings, they are necessary for the camera. 


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