What is AR3S PRO AMI?

What is AR3S PRO AMI?

One of the major issues many XR developers and end users face, is the limited computing and graphics power of mobile devices. As performance is limited, the visualization of 3D content in AR/VR is also restricted. The quality and richness of effects are far below what we are used to from modern pc programs. An issue that won´t go away, as there are physical barriers as well as the need to reduce the form factor to mainstream the technology.

With this issue in mind Holo-Light has developed a cross-platform remote rendering SDK, ISAR – Interactive Streaming for Augmented Reality, that allows users to securely stream entire big data XR applications to their mobile devices using on-premise resources or from the cloud. ISAR is easy to integrate into third party apps and already empowers the in-house out-of-the-box AR Engineering Software AR3S Pro for the industrial sector, where the work with data-intense 3D CAD models requires powerful performance and extra privacy. 

Before, every user needed an expensive high-performance computer acting as a server in order to make use of ISAR. Also, some setup time for the application was needed. The AWS infrastructure now enables the remote rendering of any ISAR empowered app out-of-the-box without any setup. Now users only need a XR device with the AR3S Pro client app installed and login credentials to the AWS platform (AR3S Pro AWS).

To get custom data per user in the ISAR empowered AR 3S Pro Cloud application Amazon S3 buckets are used. By utilizing AWS AppSync, customers are given the ability to store their files on the Amazon S3 Bucket. This enables Holo-Light's frontend customer portal to be completely separated from the core infrastructure while managing all user files and also account details – a huge security aspect. And at the same time, the storages from on-premise apps in Holo-Light's ecosystem can be accessed, so that the files on the cloud platform can be accessed from each app in Holo-Light's portfolio with an easy single use login.

Besides in-house applications every customer is also able to launch their XR applications on Holo-Light's cloud platform. Thanks to AWS and ISAR XR applications can be offered in the cloud, providing a scalable, secure and attractive pay-per-use model. 

If you are interested in more information regarding AR3S Pro AWS, then please refer to this blog post with the title "XR Streaming: How Holo-Light Solves Major Problems of Augmented and Virtual Reality" featured on Amazon's AWS Platform.

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